- Microperl_Mipsel (Binary für VENUS OS)

- Perl Demo for EMTEC-Moviecube (v_0.3)

Microperl - Installation on EMTEC R700 compatible devices

Install microperl:

- open a telnet-session

- copy file microperl in /usr/bin and rename it to 'perl' (chmod /usr/bin +w before)
- copy file microperl in custom dir, change first line of every script to:
#!/customdir/microperl -w

Install perl-demo:

- chmod directory cgi-bin writable (chmod +w /tmp/www/cgi-bin)
- copy in tmp/www/cgi-bin
- copy directory /images in web-root
- chmod executable (chmod +x
- open browser and type: http://[emtec-ip]/cgi-bin/

... more perl-applications will follow, or feel free to write your own an share with us ...

Lukas Morlock / Germany